Making Burlap String Ornaments

This was a new project for me. I watched several YouTube and Pinterest videos and tried several different ways to make these, but this was the one that was easier and less messy for me.

First I used 9″ balloons and blew them up to roughly 4″- 5″. This makes a fairly large ornament.

Next I wrapped each balloon with the burlap string to the desired look. I used a smaller gauge string so it was easy to work with and kept it’s shape.

I used a mug of Elmers glue adding just enough water to make it easy to use a small brush to paint the glue onto the burlap.

I hung these outside to dry because they do drip some glue while they’re drying.

Lastly, after the string is completely dry, pop the balloon and pull it through the string.

Now they are ready to use! This was a fairly easy project and does get messy but it’s worth it.

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