The Year in Nature

2019 has been a beautiful year for flowers and nature to flourish. The year has passed so quickly, but the memories of the beauty and joy it brought will always remain. These are just a few moments in time of the year in nature. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! 😃

Colors of Fall

After the spring and summer blooms are gone, fall arrives surrounding us with a beautiful burst of panoramic colors. It is hard to imagine how nature creates such an unrivaled palate throughout the landscape. For a short season, we get to experience the cool days and crisp air and a world through the colors of…


Fall has arrived, and Zinnias are one of the few remaining summer blooms. Hummingbirds and butterflies love to take advantage of the last bright blast of color before the first frost. Zinnias are an easy flower to grow from seed, and they come in so many varieties and colors. The seeds from the blooms can…

Summer Nature

The warm summer days bring out all of nature’s beauty and colors. It is hard to imagine how nature effortlessly creates so much beauty in small things that bring us such joy. Nature inspires us to see beyond all the challenges of life to find gifts that give us moments of happiness, inspiration and wonder….

Summer Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of my favorite summer flowers to grow. They really stand out in the garden, and their bright vivid colors reflect throughout the landscape. Varieties come in every size of vibrant hues of yellows, oranges and reds. Sunflowers attract nature with its beauty and pollen and seeds. They are one of the easiest…

Summer Gladiolus

Gladiolus brings inspiring and limitless colors to the summer garden. There are many varieties and sizes, and they really stand out in the landscape. Gladioluses are easily grown from corms, and they come back every summer with a parade of blooms and colors to enjoy. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 😃

Summer In the Garden

Summer has arrived bringing warm days and inspiring colors. All the seeds and bulbs have grown into beautiful plants and flowers, and nature is vibrant with life. The seasons pass so fast, but for a brief time, we get to enjoy the fleeting beauty of summer in the garden. I hope everyone has a wonderful…

Spring Lilies

The colors of spring are always so inspiring and sometimes unbelievable. Spring Tulips were the first blast of color in my garden this year. Lilies are another huge blast that brings an amazing variety of blooms and colors. Lily bulbs can easily be grown in landscaping or containers, and they will multiply and return every…

A New Bluebird Family

Back in February I posted Making a Bluebird House about an easy project I found online on how to build a bluebird box. After assembling and setting out the birdhouse, a family of Eastern Bluebirds were moving in the very next day. Throughout the months I watched the couple come and go, and I knew…

Ozark Spring

One of my favorite weekend getaways is the Ozark mountains of Arkansas. Hot Springs is especially beautiful during the spring with warm breezes on the lakes surrounded by mountains and gardens with flowers all in bloom.