Making Summer Flower Baskets and Containers


Hanging baskets come in many shapes and sizes. I like using the wire baskets with coconut fiber lining. They make beautiful baskets and plants seem to really thrive in these.

I start by lining the basket with the coconut fiber liner. I then place a plastic pan in the bottom to hold water and soil.

Fill the basket with potting mix about 3/4 way to the top of the liner, and it is ready for plants.

Place the top of the new plants root soil even with the soil in your basket, being careful not to get them too deep.

After you have put all the plants in, water the new transplanted plants thoroughly. This will give them a good start for their new home.


I like to use all different shapes and sizes for flower containers.

I used Gryphon Begonias and Lasting Love Caladiums for the larger pots. These two plants love the shade so they will have a permanent shady spot for the summer.

The larger pots are usually stationary throughout the summer while the smaller containers can be moved depending on their need for sun or shade.

In the smaller containers and baskets, I planted inpatients, marigolds, and pentas. They tolerate the heat of the summer and soon will be lush and full with a constant bloom of beautiful bright flowers.

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  1. Beautiful flowers!! Maybe my kids and I will try the hanging flower basket. Do they work indoors?

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    1. SW says:

      Thank you so much! I believe they would work indoors using flowers that like shade, and I think it would be really fun for kids!


      1. This will be one of our summer projects! I hope it doesn’t die as quickly as our other planting ventures. Black thumb here…🤣

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  2. Irene says:

    So pretty! I may have to try some of your ideas. 😊

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    1. SW says:

      Thank you so much and absolutely! They will really get pretty as they grow through the summer. I’ll update some pictures.

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      1. Irene says:

        Looking forward to the updates. 😊

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