Outdoor Inspiration


Throughout the warm days of spring, outdoor life flourishes and inspires colors like no other time of the year.


Gardenias give the air a fragrant smell that is unmistakable in spring.

The pure white blooms really stand out against the dark green foliage and make beautiful hedges or bushes.


Hydrangeas bring a blast of color with their blooms. They love the warm weather and flourish throughout summer.

Hydrangeas are also a great flower to cut and dry at the end of summer. They stay beautiful even after they are dried and are perfect for making arrangements or wreaths.


Lantana is a summer loving plant. It keeps a constant bloom all summer and the butterflies love them. It dies back during the winter and returns every summer with more flowers to enjoy.


Summer is definitely on its way when the lilies start to bud and bloom. They are probably one of most beautiful of all the spring blooms.



Verbena is a perennial that will thrive during the summer months and spread through the flower beds blooming until the first frost.

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  1. mstrendy01 says:

    Lovely pictures! Love the gardenias!!

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    1. SW says:

      Thank you so much! They were so pretty this year!

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