Making A Christmas Wreath and Swag

I began making the wreath by collecting various evergreens. I used cedar, juniper, and pine for the base.

I layered the various small branches and secured with a ziptie. I made 5 bundles roughly a foot long and attached each bundle to the wreath frame using small gauge wire.

I wired each one to the frame slightly overlapping the one before it.

It’s finally a rough shape put together. Trim any loose pieces and secure any loose branches with wire.

I added dried juniper for a contrast to the green.

I hung them up to check proportion and do any final trimming or filling in any holes.

The swags are larger versions of the small bundles used for the wreath. Layer the different evergreens and secure with zip tie.

I also wired pine cones and holly berries, the dried fruits I dehydrated and various dried plant stems before hanging the up.

I filled in any gaps with small evergreen stems after adding the accessories. Then it was time to hang them up using wire to secure the swags.

I added some evergreens and bells to the top of the swag and burlap and bells to the wreath.

Last, I added a topper over the door and left it natural with no decorations. I made the topper by wiring evergreens on top of a piece of faux garland. I then hung the strand over the door with hooks and wire.

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  1. Sherrye Naser says:

    That looks wonderful!!!! You did a fabulous job.

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