Nature’s Inspiration

Nature inspires us with its beauty and strength and wonders. All we have to do is look around to see nature’s renewal through the adversity of the seasons. Every year I love to see spring emerge from the bleak winter into a beautiful landscape full of life and color.

Making a Bluebird House

February is a great time to set out bluebird houses for the spring and summer. This gives the birds time to prepare for the coming seasons, and it is a great way to provide the birds a safe environment. They are also so much fun to watch. I love fun and fairly simple woodworking projects….


Daffodils are always a welcome burst of color in the late days of winter into early spring. When they start appearing all around, we know the new parade of yearly colors is about to begin. Daffodils are an easy bulb to grow and come in many varieties. They can easily be grown in landscaping or…

A Year in Flowers

During the cold winter months, I eagerly anticipate the return of warmer weather, sunshine and flowers blooming. This past year the blooms were incredibly abundant and beautiful. I love being outdoors and close to nature, and I look forward to a new year of blooms and colors in the coming months. These are just a…

Winter Bird Feeders

Birdfeeders There have been an amazing variety of birds gather around the feeders, and they are so much fun to watch! A special thank you to my friend Heather from Pepperell, Massachusetts for helping me identify birds that I never realized even came this far south (Louisiana).  Her knowledge of ornithology is impressive, and I…

2018 Inspiration

2018 has gone by so fast, and through each month of the year, we see how beautiful nature can be, and how a busy year was full of color and inspiration. January February March April May June July August September October November December

Summer Inspiration

SUMMER INSPIRATION Summer has arrived and the days are getting longer and warmer. Nature is at its most vibrant throughout the summer months. There is new life all around that inspires the soul, and for a brief time, we share this cherished moment of beauty and color.

All-time Favorite Colors – Last Weekly Photo Challenge

Spring blooms are my all-time favorite colors that can only be found in nature. I love the variety and beauty of nature and its amazing collection of colors. I wanted to thank the fantastic, hard-working team at Automattic/Wordpress for the opportunity to participate in your Weekly Photo Challenge. It has truly been inspiring meeting so…

Summer Bird Feeders

HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS When the weather starts getting warm and the hummingbirds start appearing around the spring flowers, I know it is time to put out the hummingbird feeders. I like making my own hummingbird nectar, and it is easy and less expensive. Preparing the Feeders I gather my feeders and supplies together for preparing the…

Summer Recreation – Kayaking

SUMMER RECREATION Summer is almost here and with it comes harsh, humid, hot days. Even during these intense days, life flourishes through the humidity and heat. It inspires colors and scenery that compares with no other season. KAYAKING Kayaking is a fun sport and great exercise. It is also a great way to spend the…