Daffodils are always a welcome burst of color in the late days of winter into early spring. When they start appearing all around, we know the new parade of yearly colors is about to begin.

Daffodils are an easy bulb to grow and come in many varieties. They can easily be grown in landscaping or fields or even containers, and they multiply fast over the years.

Planting Daffodil bulbs in the fall for spring bloom is always worth the wait and somehow makes the garden feel like home.

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  1. kathydoremus says:

    So, I hopped over to check out your blog and love your pictures. I was out taking pictures of daffodils yesterday since they are just opening up here in the Atlanta area. Nice shots!

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    1. SW says:

      Thank you so much Kathy! The daffodils have been really pretty this year and I’m so ready for more flowers to start blooming here in Louisiana. You have some of the most beautiful birds there too! I haven’t seen a lot of those around here and I enjoyed your post so much! 😃


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