Spring Inspiration



The first colors of spring are always a welcome sight. The days start getting warmer and the colors start coming back all around in the tree leaves and flower blooms.


I think spring is my favorite time of year to be outside and the colors so inspiring. It’s also the best time for starting all the outdoor projects from planting and gardening and having fun around the pond.


Azaleas are probably one of the largest blast of color in early spring. They bloom year after year and there are so many colors and varieties.

The blooms only last several weeks but they are definitely a symbol of spring.


Spring is also the time to start planting. Potted plants or gardens or even flower beds can all be simple projects that are really fun and have a lot of rewards! I like to start some annuals from seed in seed containers. It’s a great way to have flowers all summer long.


I have also started some vegetables. I like to have fresh vegetables in the summer and they are easy to grow.

Some vegetables like tomatoes are easily grown in pots, and have so much more flavor fresh off the vine.

I added a wire support to secure and stabilize the vines after they get taller.


Hanging baskets are always great for a mixture of flowers and can also be moved anywhere.



I also like to do pots with spring bulbs. These are lilies and gladiolus that will bloom later in the spring and early summer, and it’s also an easy way to keep bulbs healthy because these come back year after year. It also makes the flowers portable so you can move the pots anywhere in the yard.



Bulbs and tubers multiply extensively over years of growth. They need to be transplanted and thinned out to allow the new bulbs to grow and bloom as they spread.
These irises are just starting to bloom. They are a tuber that is easy to grow and have many varieties and colors. After being transplanted, iris usually take a year or more to bloom.

Iris, lilies, gladiolus, amaryllis and elephant ears and cannas are examples of bulbs or tubers that will need dividing through the years to keep them healthy and keep them blooming.


Lilies and amaryllis can get especially congested over several years.


Gladiolus are also a popular bulb that multiplies very fast. Here a lot of new smaller shoots are growing from the original larger bulbs.


Elephant ears are one of my favorites and easy to grow and multiply every year. They last throughout the entire summer and the foliage will definitely make a statement.



Cannas are another favorite with blooms and foliage that will last throughout the summer months. They also transplant and multiply easily.

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  1. amoralegria says:

    Your flower photos are lovely!

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    1. SW says:

      Thank you so much! Glad you liked them!


  2. Millie Dink says:

    I love azaleas. Great pictures! Love the colors

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SW says:

      Thank you so much! They were so pretty this year. I loved your pottery article and advice. Inspires me to try that. Looks like so much fun!


      1. Millie Dink says:

        Thank you. I’ve never met anyone who regretted trying pottery 😉 if you have an opportunity it try it out you definitely should!

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